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Members enjoy 24/7 access to our fleet of late model automatic vehicles parked right at the Marina.

Join over 300+ other island residents. Drive smarter with Bay Islands Car Share.


Apply Online. Once approved, use your login details to book a car. 


Booking is easy with the online calendar. Running a few quick errands? Book by the hour. 

Going a littler further? No problems, great daily rates available too.


Every car has its own dedicated parking bay close to the ferry terminal. When you’re done driving simply return the car to its bay, no more parking hassle.

What our members say

Why Car Share?

Save money

Vehicle ownership is deceivingly expensive. When you include fuel, registration, insurance, servicing and vehicle depreciation a medium sized car costs you $200 per week!

Freedom to go

No more waiting for buses, taxis or lifts from friends. Get behind the wheel and go wherever you please.

Smart choice

Did you know cars sit idle for 95% of their life? New technologies like ours make it easy to share the things we used to own. Eliminate the hassles of ownership and only pay for what you use.  

Easy parking

Overcrowding, parking fines and vandalism can make mainland parking a nightmare. Relax, our reserved parking bays close to the terminal mean there’s always a spot waiting for you.

Find out how much your car is really costing you- RACQ Car Running Costs