How Car Share Works

House keeping

Before you hit the road, read our six simple rules of car-sharing.

Report damages

Inspect the car  inside and out. Report damage, a dirty car, or low fuel so we know it wasn’t you.

No smoking

Not even with all the windows down. Members found smoking will be charged a cleaning fee.



Keep it clean

Remove all rubbish and leave the car as you would like to find it.

Pets in carriers

We love pets, but not pet hair. Please use a pet carrier at all times. (No matter how cute they are.)


Fill er' up

Always leave at least 1/4 tank. (It’s on us!) You will find the fuel card and instructions in the glove box.

Return it right

Always return the car on time for the next person (and to avoid late fees). Or extend your booking.


5. PAY

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