Car hire from: 

$6/hr (+40¢/km)

$55.00/day (incl.100km)

Fuel Included

  • Reserved parking spaces

  • Cars located at ferry terminal

  • Full fleet access 24/7

  • Easy online booking

  • Comprehensive insurance

  • No lock in contract

  • Cancel Anytime

  • $25 Joining Fee

What our members say


Pricing Explained

By the hour or by the day

Each time you book a car you pay by the hour or by the day, not a combination of both. If you book by the hour the cost will be the hourly rate plus $0.40 per kilometre travelled. If you book by the day, you pay the daily rate which includes 100km, any additional kilometres will cost $0.40 per kilometre (over 100kms).

We pay for petrol

Bay Islands Car Share always pays for the petrol, but we rely on you to fill up. Every car has a fuel card, which you use to pay on our account. If your car has below ¼ tank of petrol during your booking, you need to refuel it


Insurance is included in your Bay Islands Car Share membership, but like every insurance deal, there is an amount you are liable for in case of an accident. That amount depends on how old you are, or if you choose to reduce your liability by paying extra. Insurance Excess Reduction costs $1.50 per hour and can be selected at time of booking. 

Considerate Sharing

Being a car sharer means being part of a community of like minded island residents. Together we dilute the hassles and costs of car ownership. Being a sharer, also means being considerate of others. You may attract fees for late return or leaving a car unacceptably dirty.