Existing members can update their payment details by clicking the link below: 

All payments are automatically managed by our billing system. Payments are calculated and charged every Monday and Thursday. We'll charge the credit or debit card provided when you signed up for your membership.


You pay for:


the time you have the car; and

the distance you drive; and

if you choose, an optional excess reduction fee.

All rates include insurance, roadside assistance and fuel.


Time charges

Each car has both hourly and daily rates clearly displayed at the time of booking. Typical rates for cars are $6–$9 per hour, and or $30-$75 per day.


Distance charges


You pay a distance charge for each kilometre you drive. The distance rate is 40c per kilometre - and clearly displayed on the car's profile. This includes your fuel and other consumables. Some all day bookings include 100km of free travel other do not. This information will be displayed at the time of booking. Kilometres driven above 100+ will be charged at the standard rate of 40c. 


Damage Liability Cover reduction fee


You may also choose to reduce your excess for an additional $2 per hour.


Security deposit


You will not need to pay a deposit with Bay Islands Car Share.  

Fees and Penalties 

Bay Islands Car Share’s low rates depend on members doing the right thing by their fellow members. In the unlikely event that a member does the wrong thing, Bay Islands Car Share needs to charge fair fees and penalties to:

  1. discourage those activities;

  2. compensate the member on the other side of the transaction who has been put out; and

  3. cover our extra costs of administering ‘the fix’.

For a full list of fees and penalties please refer to the Fee Schedule.